Akiva Arie 4, Tel Aviv
Saliah Rothschild

Of all the Old North’s prestigious locations‭, ‬the most coveted are undoubtedly those charming one-way side streets with minimal traffic‭, ‬where low-rise residences are embraced by greenery and tranquility. ‬The area surrounding Kikar HaMedina is brimming with these picturesque streets‭, ‬but if you ask the locals where to find the creme de la creme‭, ‬they will all point to the northern side of the square‭, ‬towards Shikun Tzameret‭. ‬It is here‭, ‬on Akiva Arie Street‭, ‬nestled among community parks and playgrounds‭, ‬that we have chosen to‭ ‬create one of Tel Aviv’s most unique projects‭.

Shikun Tzameret‭, ‬this ecosystem of calm serenity just steps from Kikar HaMedina‭, ‬is considered by connoisseurs to be the most prestigious neighborhood in Tel Aviv‭. ‬This comes from its ideal combination of quiet streets‭, ‬intimate residences‭, ‬leading educational institutions such as the Tichon Hadash and Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium high schools‭, ‬and popular cultural and community attractions like the Tel Aviv Museum of Art‭, ‬the Israel Music Conservatory‭, ‬the Dizengoff Scouts‭, ‬and the Arlozorov Sports Center‭.

Its excellent location includes proximity to all major thoroughfares, walking distance from the planned light rail station and innovative transportation hub now being established at Savidor Central Station. ‬The cafes of Ibn Gvirol Street and Rabin Square‭, ‬the boutiques of the Basel Complex‭, ‬the sprawling lawns of Yarkon Park‭, ‬and everything else that makes Tel Aviv such a special city‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬it all awaits you within just a short stroll or bike ride distance‭.