City Collection by Bonei Binyan

Established in the 1970s‭, ‬the Bonei Binyan Group’s ability to merge vision and professionalism has made it one‭ ‬of the leading investment and construction firms in Israeli real estate‭.‬

Borochov 35‭ ‬is a luxury project in the heart of Raanana‭, ‬a prime location situated at one‭ ‬of the city’s highest points‭. ‬This enables the property to embody the best of both worlds‭, ‬combining a central location with unobstructed‭, ‬breathtaking views‭. ‬Found‭ ‬on a quiet‭, ‬one-way street with ample shade and‭ ‬fresh air‭, ‬this seven-story building boasts modern architectural details and spectacular landscaping‭.‬