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We create a Marketing Kit to City Park‭. ‬City Park is a 14‭ ‬towers‭  ‬neighborhood in Yavne that enjoy advanced architectural design‭, ‬luxurious lobby‭, ‬modern elevators‭, ‬high standard finish and spectacular views on the first line to the green park surrounding‭ ‬the neighborhood‭‭.‬

The Bahari Group‭ ‬&‭ ‬Nofim by Plotkin Group are real estate development and contracting companies that have large expierence‭  ‬real‭ ‬estate development and contracting company specializing in constructing high-quality buildings‭. ‬

Initiator: Bahari Group & Nofim by Plotkin Group‬‬
‫‪Architect: Gal-or Fishbain

The landing page was designed to be extremely user friendly while putting the project highlights at the frontline‭. ‬The page allows the user to scroll through the project and all it’s information as well as direct contact information‭, ‬bringing the potential client directly in touch with the company‭.‬