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At any given moment, something new is born in Tel Aviv. Something new is created; new music, new art, new food, new bars, new concept shops, all-new groundbreaking ventures. Each moment in this city is an opportunity to rewrite your own story, to let the plot surprise you, sweep you away, fascinate, and excite you. To live life to the fullest, at any given moment.

Theprojects presents the ultimate residential experience, tailored to suit your own personal lifestyle. The finest architects have collaborated on this exclusive 4 buildings, which includes a breathtaking outer shell designed by agronomists and landscape architects, as well as meticulously-planned lobbies, elevators, and apartments of the highest standard.

Yaaz Construction & Development and City People are developers and contractors behind this four urban renewal projects flourished by expertly combining location, specifications, and plans.

Initiator: Yaaz Construction & Development and City People
‫‪Architects: Gal Marom and ZTLV Architects