Cramim Resort & Spa,
Isrotel Exclusive

Cramim, the new spa hotel, is situated in the heart of the Judean wine region, a 15-minute drive from Jerusalem. The hotel is surrounded by a beautifully scenic, pastoral setting and offers a quality experience of combined leisure, recreation, fine wines, and impeccable taste.

The resort guests enjoy an exquisite chef restaurant, boutique wine bar, a contemporary spa complex with unique vino-therapy treatments, as well as pampering rooms and suites that boast a modern interior design. Cramim Resort & Spa. Mountain Air. Quality. Indulgence.

Architect: Ilan Weisbord

Isrotel Exclusive: The chain’s exclusive hotels are of the highest standard and guarantee an excellent hospitality experience. The black line of Isrotel. Each exclusive hotel is characterized by its unique symbol and color. A guest at the hotel will meet the unique items of each hotel alongside items of the exclusive black line.

The logo was designed with the inspiration of the surrounding vineyards in the area and simulates a cluster of grapes as well as the winding paths in the vineyards.

The branding strategy was continuous with the Exclusive Hotels brand line with an accentuation on the color of the hotel being the red wine color and the textures create a repetitiveness seen in the grape vineyards in the area.

Signage was used with rusty iron that connects with the hotel design.

Cramim cookbook: The book displays the bestselling culinary recipes of the Cramim Hotel. The book is filled with photos of the hotel’s surrounding vineyard, the ambiance of the estate, restaurant and bar with its unique styling.

Writing Editing and Production: Ester Shalev, Assistant Producer: Orit Baliti, Photography: Oded Marom; Styling: Tal Sivan-Ziporin.