Dead Sea Products

Elemin develops skincare products that are as unique as the Dead Sea itself, to nourish both the body and soul. Each Elemin product is a gift of sensory delight and renewed inner vitality. From the purity of the all-natural ingredients to the sleek, attractive design, the entire Elemin line places the emphasis on quality.

By day and by night, Elemin provides exclusive facial, body and hair care for all skin and hair types. The special formulas, approved by Israel’s Health Ministry, are not tested on animals and are environmentally friendly.

We chose to work with as little elements as possible, using minimal typography and a cool shade of blue. The rare minerals and salts found in the dead sea are what inspired us to use gold-foil for the “Elemin” logo which appears “floating” atop the blue “sea” creating a metallic impact which brings out the brightness and delicacy of the logo.