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Galya Global specializes in initiating and developing prime projects and premium residence buildings outlined by urban entrepreneurship and renewal in strategic Tel Aviv locations, with emphasis on the City Center.

Initiator: Galya Global, Site Development: Vital

The website was designed to be extremely user friendly while putting the company’s marketing projects at the frontline. Each page allows the user to scroll from project to project with images of the exterior and interior of the building as well as direct contact information, bringing the potential client directly in touch with the company.

Nordeau 65 – Part of the emphasis of the branding strategy was a book consisting of photographs of boulevards from all over the city of Tel Aviv. The boulevards have been the throbbing heart of Tel Aviv since the early 30’s , when the city founders strolled along them. To this day, we stroll along the same paths, enjoying the shade, as we pass the many benches , all occuppied while the sun is shining. At the end of the book, there are more specific pictures of the building itself, Nordeau 65.