Hator 8, Merkaz Hacarmel

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“Terra Enterprises” is a private company that develops high quality residential and commercial real estate. At the foundation of its vision lies a passion for creating architecturally pleasing building that make for a top-notch living and business experience.

Director and founder Ran Margalit, born and raised in Haifa, is a veteran entrepreneur in the fields of real estate and hi-tech in Israel and the USA.

Project “Hator 8” is a luxurious and unique architectural gem, designed by Jacobs Yaniv Architects – a leading firm in its field. Jacobs Yaniv has designed a wonderful residential building, characterized by an elegant overall look and clean, harmonious lines that blend naturally with the building’s surroundings. Twelve apartments are planned in this project, with most of them facing a beautiful view of the Carmel mountain slopes and the Mediterranean Sea, surrounding by a lush, green landscape from all sides.

‫‪Architect: Jacobs Yaniv   Project Initiator: Terra Enterprises