The Courtyard at Ibn Shaprut, Rehavia

“Ten measures of beauty were bestowed upon‭ ‬the world‭; ‬nine were taken by Jerusalem‭, ‬and one by‭ ‬the rest of the world‭.‬„

Jerusalem, ‬the capital of Israel‭ ‬and of the Jewish people‭, ‬has been the focus of‭ ‬every Jew’s prayers and heartfelt yearning across the millennia. ‬The city has blossomed into a cosmopolitan metropolis‭, ‬and it‭ ‬continues to evolve through a process of renewal that only‭ ‬serves to magnify its luminous eternal beauty‭.

Jerusalem is a‭ ‬dynamic capital that grants its residents and many visitors all‭ ‬the gifts of a modern city‭, ‬while maintaining its glorious‭ ‬heritage‭, ‬as well as a diverse‭, ‬colorful human tapestry‭. ‬Rich‭ ‬with religious and community life‭, ‬art and culture‭, ‬cuisine and‭ ‬recreation‭, ‬Jerusalem also boasts a robust entertainment scene including international‭ ‬sporting events‭, ‬festivals‭, ‬and lively markets‭. ‬Expansive open-air parks‭ ‬with rolling hills are found in a city that offers‭ ‬world-renowned universities and institutions as well historic monuments which‭ ‬stand shoulder to shoulder with modern architecture‭, ‬all interconnected by‭ ‬a bustling network of light rail lines and highways‭. All this is embraced by Jerusalem’s own special aura, which never ceases to charm and astound those who continuously‭ ‬explore this exceptional city. ‬

Against this transcendent backdrop‭, ‬THE COURTYARD‭ ‬at Ibn Shaprut project awaits you in a gorgeous historic‭ ‬building in the heart of Rehavia‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬one of Jerusalem’s‭ ‬most upscale‭, ‬long-established neighborhoods with original authentic charm‭. ‬