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Inspekto is an autonomous machine vision, designed to replace the human eye, and the humans involved today with inspecting products / parts in the factories. Smart, simple and small.

Inspekto is the first product in a new category: Autonomous Machine Vision. First ever to introduce Plug & InspectTM QA, gating and sorting to the modern shop-floor enviroment. Highly affordable prices and Integrator-less deployment, enable leading industrial firms to apply QA at every step of the production line. Powered by artificial intelligence Machine-Vision technology and fully Industry 4.0 ready.

Inspekto is a true disruption to the market, because it changes the known business model in the field: instead of being dependent on experts for integration – Plug & InspectTM anywhere solution, an affordable pervasive product with a memory and records for future use.

Web Development: Ibox

A custom website was designed with emphasis on the new product Inspekto s70