Isrotel Phaza Morgana

Phaza Morgana is the highlight of the cultural festivals of the Isrotel franchise taking place for several years now. A unique cultural event taking place in the national park Timna including unique performances at the foot of the breathtaking Solomon’s Pillars and lasting 3 days. A huge complex was built including an amphitheater, a huge stage and a dining area. For years, many top artists have performed at the site such as: The Batsheva Dance Group, Mayumana, Shalom Hanoch, Shlomo Artzi, Yehuda Poliker, Mashina, Idan Reichel, Barry Sakharov, Gidi Gov, international artists and more.

The branding work includes: various types of publications, wall decorations, a prestigious pamphlet distributed at the complex, food packages and art works. In the complex there are dozens of meters of prints associated with the event concept. In the 2016 event the design theme was the desert. We designed the complex by printing tens of meters of photographic backgrounds of the desert which were processed and illustrated by layers of color. Combining these designs against the background of the wilderness creates an illusion and integrates into the general atmosphere of the event.