Krinsky Gotlib,
Branding & Website Design

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Krinsky Gotlib is an innovative and entrepreneurial company, pioneering urban renewal in Israel. With years of experience, the company has shown financial resilience and a commitment to excellence. Today, it leads complex and large-scale projects, including redevelopment initiatives, providing continuous and high-quality service to its clients throughout all project stages.

Whether it’s buyers or residents turning to them for urban renewal projects on their properties, the slogan ‘Welcome Home’ encapsulates the company’s promise of an efficient and successful process, along with a warm and humane approach every step of the way.” 

The company’s graphic identity is composed of of elements that build the whole. Each project is characterized by its unique plot area layout and distinctive color. Like pieces in a puzzle, the project collection forms the identity of the company.

The website design focuses on the feature to search and find the apartment you’re looking for, in the location you desire, with listings displayed in list view, gallery, and map options.

Web Development: Binternet