Mashya Restaurant
5 Mendeli st. Tel-Aviv

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After researching the visual aspects of the muscat nutmeg, it was revealed that the “Mace” (Mashya), vein-like threads that cover the dried fruit resembles roots in its shape and form. The result is a unique brand-image that embodies elements of roots & homecoming, both of which are the center to the culinary ideology of Head Chef Yossi Shitrit and the Mashya restaurant.

Initiator: Sucre group, Strategy: Asaf Lees, Photographer: Dan Peretz, Site Development: Fatlady

Mashya is our interpretation and homage to Tel Aviv: local, historical, intimate, but at the same time modern, hip, and stylish. It’s the flavors of our childhoods, spread across a plate like paint across a canvas. After delving into every taste and texture that was served at Kitchen Market, and after adding a true night-life experience at Onza, Mashya was a natural next step for the Sucre Team. It is the mature return to Yossi Shitrits’  Morrocan roots, the discovery that as we change, so too does the legacy of home: the same local spices, produce, fish, and other ingredients take on new life when seen through the creative lens of the chef and with the impact of the most advanced cooking techniques, creating results that go far beyond expectations.

Mashya was a long-standing dream. It was planned for twelve months, carefully developing the perfect concept, design, branding, and amenities to surround the diner with an ideal environment that lets them savor every moment of the experience. The inspiration was mace (mashya in Hebrew), the winding peel of the nutmeg plant that curls around the nut like flowing lava and that provides an almost-divinely aromatic spark in Moroccan cuisine.

Behind the scenes