Rehovot Hanahar 9, Rehovot Hanahar 16, Itamar 7 – Ramat Gan

Marketing kit was created with three adjacent projects in the Shankar neighborhood which have been branded under the slogan – – There are three buildings and two streets, with proximity to the park. Nature is part of the city and vice versa.

Karinsky Gotlib: Yoav Karinsky has more than 20 years of experience in luxury residential real estate development, particularly in central Tel Aviv. He is a partner and manager in several real estate companies: Acropolis, Cosmopolis Investments and the Karinsky-Diesenhaus Group. Gotlib is responsible building founded in 1997, this highly experienced developer and contractor provides professional, meticulous, personal service. Its advanced computer systems enable it to successfully complete projects within tight schedules while maintaining a high quality.

Initiator: Karinsky Gottlieb‬‬, ‫‪Architect: Gidi Bar Orian

City. Park. Life: City – Residing in a city with convenient access lanes. Park – Park project near Hayarkon Park just a short walk away. Life – Project Planning, an environment granting all urban services such as schools, parks, etc. The distance from the north of Tel Aviv.

Marketing kit including: environmental section including photos of the park and the surrounding area, A part of the project including simulations of the three projects while adapting it to the target audience, Technical Specifications section including a detailed catalog of all finishing materials in a detail manner and Apartments Plans.