Arlozorov 132
When city feels like home

Arlozorov 132‭ ‬awaits you at one of central Tel Aviv’s most desirable locations‭. ‬Close to Bloch Street‭, ‬it’s just a few steps from the new Country Club and the future light rail station‭. ‬The spectacular architectural creativity of this‭ ‬6-story residence was inspired by an urban hotel within a cosmopolitan city‭, ‬and this vision is reflected in every aspect of the project‭: ‬the unique facade‭, ‬front garden that blends harmoniously with the meticulous lobby‭, ‬elevators‭, ‬floor lobbies‭, ‬and apartment interiors‭. ‬

Initiator: Gaya Development; ‫‪Architect: Etgat Nul

The moment you arrived at the heart of Tel Aviv‭, ‬your life changed forever‭. ‬Here‭, ‬in one of the world’s most vibrant‭, ‬unique‭, ‬and bustling cosmopolitan cities‭, ‬the only limitation is your own imagination‭. ‬Every day is an adventure‭ ‬filled with new discoveries and intriguing encounters‭. ‬A simple trip for groceries can end with a beach picnic among new friends‭. ‬A concert can turn into a late-night shopping trip‭, ‬and a quiet dinner at a restaurant might just lead to a lifetime of romance‭. ‬Now this thrilling‭, ‬colorful experience is your life‭. ‬Start living it at Arlozorov 132‭, ‬where excitement is right on your doorstep‭.‬