23 Weizman BLVD, Ramat Hasharon West
Marketing Kit

In the vibrant urban heart of Ramat HaSharon, among designer stores and enchanting cafés, where Bialik and Weizmann Boulevards meet, an exciting opportunity awaits you. This is your chance to tread new ground – calm, peaceful ground – with the vast green lung that extends westward from the bustling city center, leading to Ramat HaSharon’s quietest, most prestigious old neighborhoods. As you stroll along the scenic boulevard, passing statues, benches, and shade trees, you’ll start to sense the tumult of the city dissipating among the playful sounds of bicycle bells and chirping birds. As you go, the houses become lower, the spaces wider. The skies open up before you, and your vision is enveloped by lush parks, fruit orchards, and the tops of centuries-old trees. The air is fresh and clear, as tranquility embraces you. Soon the boundless fields will spread out before you, kissing the sea’s glittering horizon. It’s at this precise point, just before the city meets nature, that you’ll find a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience extraordinary quality of life. Right here, at the heart of the boulevard.

Initiator: Mutag ironi, Architect: Gidi Bar Orian