Beresheet Hotel,
Isrotel Exclusive Collection

The Beresheet hotel, part of the Isrotel Exclusive Collection, is located amid a breathtakingly beautiful primeval landscape, near the ancient Spice Route, on the edge of the towering cliffs that slopes down into the Ramon Crater – an extraordinary natural phenomenon unparalleled in the world. The hotel accommodates individuals, families and groups, giving its guests a luxurious, indulgent hospitality experience like no other.

Architect: Feigin Architects, Interior: ARA

Isrotel Exclusive Collection: A separate branding strategy designed in order to distinguish between standard Isrotel hotels and the luxury, exclusive hotels of the franchise. Each luxury hotel has its own identity and sets of visual values which it comprises, the challenge is to preserve the luxury hotels as a series which work together but also differentiate from one another so that each hotel also stands on its own.

appears on as one of the best luxury branding examples

The logo was built by freestyle penmanship with inspiration from the mountains of the adjoining crater – they relatively have no differences in height, but they create a world of fascinating textures.

The signage was made out of hollowed rusted tins together with laser cuttings of lattice work (lattice work of desert culture: the same elements which appear in the branding). The outdoor signage is also used in dimmed lighting because of a desire not to damage the surrounding desert wilderness.

The book, “Cookies from Beresheet”: A recipe book from the Jewish Morrocan and Yemenite kitchen of Beresheet.

Recipes: Karen Dadon, Writing, Editing and Production: Ester Shalev, Assistant Producer: Orit Baliti, Photography of cookies: Oded Marom, Landscape Photography: Itamar Greenberg, Albatros, Asaaf Pinchuk.