68 / 70 Bnei Dan St. Tel Aviv

Living on the riverbank. Living a fairytale. The HaGada complex on the banks of the Yarkon River reflects all the very best Tel Aviv has to offer, at the point cosmopolitan sophistication merges with natural beauty. Life here is an eternal meeting point – between the evening wind murmuring along the water and the brisk Mediterranean breeze that sweeps the terrace; between ancient trees and new cafes; between a sunrise rowing session on the river and a sunset swim in the sea; between lunch at the marina and an evening cocktail while enjoying a show at the port; between the meditative serenity of the park and the thrilling dynamism of the city.

Life at HaGada presents the simplicity of primal, untouched nature as well as the most luxurious residential experience, offering the highest quality of life you could ever imagine, and created by the people who truly understand how much even the smallest details matter.

Life at HaGada awaits you, offering ultimate luxury in the most magical, intimate corner of the city’s most prestigious, sought-after street: Bnei Dan, nestled by the river and the park.

Initiator: Prashkovski
‫‪Architect: bareilly kashif