Cyan Residence Eilat

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Where the eye gazes, endless shades of blue. In the open bay towards the horizon, in the depths of the sea, in the clear pool waters, in the azure sky… A palette of blue hues stretches as a breathtaking backdrop – from the purple-tinted red mountains to the pink flamingos in the saltwater pools, from the white foam on the dolphin reef to the reflection of the orange sunset in a chilled wine glass.

To start the day on the lounger of the luxurious balcony facing the red mountains. To finish it with a glass of wine by the pool, under the star-studded sky, in complete silence and privacy. To step out of the enclosed compound, on foot, on a scooter, or on a bicycle, crossing the shaded central avenue that stretches alongside Terminal Park, straight to the waterline. The Cyan Boutique complex is an urban-desert oasis. An exclusive refuge like no other, providing an extraordinary connection between two worlds: the stunning desert nature visible from every angle, and the green artery leading to the heart of the city’s new pulse: Terminal Park.

Cyan is meticulously designed down to the last detail to create an intimate luxury desert experience with a contemporary and modern look. While the exterior design is characterized by architectural motifs emphasizing the connection with the street (inspired by the buildings in Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighborhood), the interior space is a detached bubble of serenity. The moment the gate opens to the lavish lobby, tranquility and harmony become dominant in every corner of the space. The surrounding greenery envelops the compound and intertwines with the complex’s spaces. In the private courtyards, through green passages and paths, in the intimate shaded sitting corners, in the various meeting points, and in the spacious pool planted in the central courtyard, for the residents. The natural material complements the harmony of the greenery and desert aesthetics, providing a subtly luxurious and tranquil quality.

Developers: Ezra Hachshori Real Estate Development and Shwikka Construction, Marketing: Homemarket, Visuals: 3D Vision, Website Develop: Media Maven