Old North TLV
Collectors Edition

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There is the Tel Aviv of those who adore the city. The Tel Aviv of those who are captivated by it. The Tel Aviv of those who covet it. And there is the Tel Aviv of the collectors. Those who truly appreciate the many unique qualities of this city and wait patiently for the perfect moment when those qualities come together. When that rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes, they will be there to capture it.

This opportunity is called Zangvil 16-18. A residential project that encapsulates all those treasured Tel Aviv qualities that some will wait years to enjoy: the iconic location in the west of the Old North, on a quiet yet exclusive one-way street hidden away among Nordau Boulevard, North Dizengoff Street, and the Basel Complex; the breathtaking architecture that has shaped a singular masterpiece in tribute to the White City; the uncompromising excellence of the planning, that shines through in every detail shaping quality of life in the project; and the leadership of a well-established family real estate business with an impeccable reputation.

Project by: Arcod Gurkan. CGI by: The Craft. Developed by: Binternet.