City People & Yaaz

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The heart of Tel Aviv, the White City, Old North, Ra’anana, Ramat Gan… After years of construction, renovation and preservation of buildings in the most desirable locations in the most sought-after cities, we have proved that we know how to identify the next place to be in. ¬†We know how to bring the luxury living of Tel Aviv to you. Prepare yourself for a living experience which you have never seen before. We are here.

Initiator: City People & Yaaz, Site Development: Fatlady

The city is its people. A concept for a number of different projects, like a hallmark or a stamp of quality – WE ARE HERE.

The developers called Anshey Hair (the people of the city) bring a guaranteed experience time after time to buyers – the concept is “From the people of the city to the people of the city”