YOO Tel Aviv

Designed by world-renowned Philippe Starck, the project goes beyond normal boundaries, embodying some of the international designer’s wildest fantasies with its unprecedented luxury, opulence, humor and style. Built with the finest materials and workmanship, Yoo Tel Aviv sets a new global standard for lavish living in Israel. In addition to luxurious living spaces, Yoo Tel Aviv features breathtaking public areas designed by Starck including a 7-meter-high door in the lobby, a golden mail room resembling a bank safe room, opulent chandeliers, original art, and a magnificent wooden staircase.

The project also is home to the Yoo Club, a plush lounge furnished with classic sofas, a billiard table, an antique library, and other Starck inspired surprises. A crescent-shaped pool, modern fitness room and pampering spa offer residents attractive yet functional spaces for vigorous exercise or soothing relaxation. Launched in 2004 and completed in 2007 creating an unmatched residential experience for Israelis and foreigners, Yoo Tel Aviv is a crown jewel in the global collection of Yoo Ltd., a unique design-oriented development company in which the Habas Group and Starck are partners.

Initiator: Habas Group, Architect: Philippe Starck
Marketing Team: Design and Branding: Basman-Tenenbaum, Copyrighting: Yoram Avar-Hedni, PR: Rani Rahav, Marketing Concept: Promarket, The team was headed by Philippe Starck and Herzl Habas.

The purpose of the marketing material was to present the design world of Philippe Starck as an international designer. The materials in the marketing package are based on sayings which Philip stated in his brief: “I love this city – it deserves more”, “I may be crazy, but the buildings I design are the sanest thing in the field”, “Warning: design affects your life”, “The philosophy is not about us. It’s about yoo”.

There were no interior images of the apartments in the marketing materials so as not to put limits on the customer’s own design. The concept included the idea of: “Freedom of choice”, Stark has defined four different worlds of lifestyles: culture – classic – minimal – nature. The worlds were designed by us with the help of extraordinary images. The marketing material included graphic designs which were integrated into the showroom and strengthened the brand.