Yavne 9, Tel Aviv

Yavne 9 is one of Tel Aviv’s architectural masterpieces, influenced by the Art Deco style and featuring integrated Israeli motifs. Under the direction of renowned architect Gidi Bar Orian, who specializes in this field, the building’s preservation plan is based on the beautiful design of the original structure, including its geometric openings and hexagonal balconies.

The elegant building façade is combined with a lavish interior design, while residents enjoy spacious modern apartments with especially high ceilings and abundant natural light. Impressive construction standards incorporate the finest finishing’s and specifications, with a lush green courtyard the focal point of Yavne 9’s exterior development.

A unique project of this type, which successfully combines 1930’s design elements with modern architecture, imbues Yavne 9 with added value and transforms it into a highly desirable residence.

Initiator: Srba-group; Architect: Gidi Bar Orian

The strategy of the project is based on “The Story of a Building”, A document found in a conserved file: 1921-1923 Geula company purchases a 104-acre area, covering the streets Nachmani, Yavne, Bezalel Yaffe and Rothschild Boulevard. In this area the neighborhood of Lev Tel Aviv (The heart of Tel Aviv) was built; 1931 purchase of the lot by Abraham Kerlitz from Felix Frobitz; 11/22/1931 – submission of plans for the construction of a three-storey building designed by architect Dov Hershkovitz; 06/05/1932 – Certificate of completion; 04/05/1933 – The purchase of the building by Avraham Rotenberg; 27/07/1947 – The transfer of the building to the Rotenberg heirs: Haya Rotem, Yaakov Rotem and Gabriella Fox; 1978 – Renovations on the ground floor for a tannery business; 2002 – The company Ashes specializing in building preservation acquires the building; 2013 – The beginning of the project”.

The story of this building created the milestones of the marketing brochure: Photos of Tel Aviv; Project Computer Generated Images (CGI) – we chose to incorporate collectible items into the design of the apartments with a description of the preservation.